Available courses

Prepare Seafood Dishes
Diploma in Engineering

This unit covers the knowledge, skills, and attitude required to organize competency-based training sessions. It includes Identifying training requirements of trainees, modifying instructional materials, preparing programme delivery & relevant session plan, and arranging learning-teaching resources.

NSC-4 in Cloud Computing Certification

This course will cover the knowledge skills and attitudes required to use cloud apps for developing slides, preparing presentation contents,  and presenting slides to develop competency as per the needs and interests of the customer. This course will promote all users with adopting cloud features in their regular computing works and practices 

Pottery Artist

This unit covers the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to make a pottery tea cup. It includes prepare Raw Materials, Make Pottery Tea Cap, Drying the pottery, Perform bisque fire, Store materials, maintain and clean tools and workplace for Pottery Maker.

Develop new resources of Design and Modify CBT Learning Martial's and Resources

Upon completion the course the trainee must be able to

a.      Analyze existing learning materials and relevant resources
b.      Adapt existing resources
c.       Develop new resources
d.      Review learning materials
e.      Evaluate the design and development process

Adapt existing resources of Design and modify CBT learning materials and resources

This Course covers and trainee must be able to

 1. Analyzing existing learning materials and relevant resources, 

2. Adapting existing resources, 

3. Developing new resources,

4. Reviewing learning materials 

5.  evaluating the design & development process.

Test Course CBT&A NC Level-5 (UCEP B1)

This course is designed for Participants of CBT&A Methodology National Certificate-5 of Trainer and Assessor.

Organise and conduct competency-based assessment
This unit covers the knowledge, skills and attitude required to organising and conduct competency-based assessment. It includes preparing the assessment venue, preparing the candidate, conducting assessment, gathering evidence, making the assessment decision, recording and reporting assessment decision and providing feedback to the candidates.
Conduct Training needs analysis

Competency-based learning materials on” Conducting Training Needs Analysis” provide overall course guidelines in relation to teaching and learning and act as the key instrument in supporting the delivery of standardised formal, non-formal and informal training. 

Develop Competency Assessment Tools

This Unit covers the knowledge, skill , and  attitude required to develop competency based assessment tool. it includes establishing evidence requirements, determining suitable assessment methods, preparing assessment tools and validating assessment tools