Course image Visual Animation Designer NTVQF NSC _III

Competency  Standard (CS) For Visual Animation Designer NTVQF Level-III 

Unit of Competency :

  • Create shapes & artwork
  • Create 2D animation
  • Export animation video
  • Share and upload animation video
  • Loop Animated  Scenes

Course image Multimedia Projector Servicing Technician

Multimedia Projector Servicing Technician

This unit covers the knowledge, skills and attitude required to Setup Multimedia Projector. It also includes Preparing for works of Install accessories in Multimedia Projector, Measuring Area for Setup Multimedia Projector, Performing Setup Multimedia Projector Install Service Cable Connection . Maintain Tools equipment, Materials & Workplace.

Course image Printer Servicing Technician

This unit covers the knowledge, skills and attitudes required..

  • Apply OSH Practice
  • Apply Basic First Aid Box
  • Assemble Hardware
  • Install Operating Software
  • Use Internet
  • Assemble Ink jet printer
  • Assemble Dot matrix printer
  • Assemble Laser Printer
  • Install manual printer
  • Install Network Printer
  • Install Wifi  Printer

Course image Apply DC principle in the workplace-2

This unit covers the knowledge, skills and attitude to
perform work with Direct Current (DC) circuits
according to workplace requirement.

Course image Identify Basics Tools of Audio & Visual Content.

This unit covers the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to Identify Basics Tools of Audio & Visual Content. It includes:-

1.  Follow OSH practices
2. Install application software
3. Sound production and editing
4.   Visual Design and Production
5.  Content upload and Shutdown of the computer.
Course image Food and Beverage Services

This course on Food and Beverage Services will give you the knowledge, Skills & Attitude needed to work in the hospitality sector. The content is developed based on the Competency Standard (CS) of Food and Beverage Services to be used as a part of blended learning.

Course image Pizza Maker

preparing ingredients and equipment, performing bake procedure, cleaning and maintain equipment and production area.